Block Unintentional Touch Events App [Touch Guard]

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Many times the display touch on our mobile will start working automatically and in such cases, many things can happen on our mobile without our permission. In particular, the phone call to the section will go.

It is very important that we prevent this, for example, when such incidents occur, such as when we put the mobile phone in our pocket, or when we hold it in our hand, such incidents may happen by mistake.

Today we are going to look at a special Unintentional Touch Events App that can protect you from this. Please read this web article carefully to resolve any queries regarding using the Unintentional Touch Events application and how to download it.

About Of Touch Guard: Block unintentional touch events

Touch Guard helps users to block unintentional touch events while watching videos and during calls. Touch Guard allows users to optionally disable the notification panel, navigation buttons (Home, Back, and Recent buttons), volume buttons.

best Unintentional Touch Events App

Don’t hesitate before handing over the phone to your child with their favorite video, Just enable Touch guard we will take care of unintentional touch events by your child.

Don’t worry about the problem of interruptions into the call due to face touch events, Just allow Touch guard to guard your call.

Unintentional Touch Events App

Nowadays Top Review:

Troglor teddy: Every time I open the app to change a setting my notification goes on and every time I lock the screen again my notification for my phone plays. I know it is in use as I locked the screen. My notifications are for my messenger or what I set it for. Need an option to turn off the sound and make it silent. Had to mute my notification sound. Very irritated.

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