Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

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Today we are going to look at a great application that can ensure the safety of our children. With the Kids Place Parental Controls app, you can monitor your child’s trends.

It is hoped that this will help protect and nurture the child, the Kids Place Parental Controls app is downloaded and used by millions on the Google Play Store.

The video related to the Kids Place Parental Controls app is given in the Play Store and this web article has been created with the aim of providing additional information about it clearly.

By reading this article clearly, you can also learn how to expand the Kids Place Parental Controls app, you can also get the opportunity to download this application here, so read our website article carefully

Kids Place Parental Controls

About Of Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

Kids Place is a screen time limit & parental controls app created for parents who want to control their children’s activity & screen time on phones & tablets.

Kids Mode, Screen Time Limit & Child Lock parental control features give parents a lot of flexibility on how to configure their phone/tablets to limit screen time; block ads & inappropriate content.

Family Link Parental Controls App allows you to digital ground rules for your children whilst guiding them as they learn, play, & explore online.

Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

More Details Of Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

Child Security App – full-featured, free parental control app on Google Play to manage family time & secure kids’ zone for a safe family.

This kids mode app & screen time limiter app creates a special kid area for your child where parents can manage your kids’ screen time, lock Samsung, Realme, oppo, & other android devices, set time limits on app usage, & website control. Use this kids mode app free to limit phone usage via child lock & screen time limit.

Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

Kids Place Premium Features

  • Create custom user profiles
  • Set a daily timer for the phone or for single apps to control their screen time.
  • Change the name of the app & run it in the background
  • Be sure to automatically restart it every time the phone is turned on
  • Block app uninstall & protect your PIN

Kids Place Free Features

  • Child-Friendly Launcher with child lock
  • Control what apps are visible and accessible by kids
  • Block unapproved apps
Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

Kids Place Premium

Kids Place Premium is suitable when Kids Place is installed directly on your children’s phones. Good use of the Premium version can also happen in the case of business phones or those linked to professional use, if only certain functions are to be used (calls, use or installation of apps, & so on).

This kids launcher application uses the Device Administrator permission. This is completely optional but is requested in case parents want to tamper-proof the app for kids.

Thanks to complementary products, which can be easily integrated with Kids Place, parental control can also be extended to safe search web browsing & online video viewing:

Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store


You decide which app can be accessed by your children to secure kids in the safest & most convenient way. This versatile free parental control app enables the easiest & most efficient Kids zone, Child Lock & Screen Time controls.

Q. Have you set a limit on your kids’ phone usage but they still ask to use yours?

A. You can launch the app in kids lock mode on your device when you hand it over to them or it can be installed directly on their phone.

Q. Do you want to limit access to certain apps, which you don’t find suitable for their age?

A. This screen time limiter & parental control app free allows you to select all apps they can use & restrict access to these apps only when you lend your phone

Q. Are you worried that your children can accidentally download paid apps or buy credits for a game?

A. Activate blocking options for purchases from Google Play & don’t allow new apps to download while you let your kids play

Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

More Q&A

Q. Want to disable internet access for your kids?

A. With Kids Place Screen Time Limit you can disable wireless signals & provide – internet safety for kids!

A. You can set a screen timer to limit the use of the phone or just some apps by children & control their screen time when you can’t stand by your kids to watch over their phone usage.

Q. You think you’re smart, but are afraid that your children are even more?

A. Thanks to this app in kids mode, working on Samsung, Huawei, LG Android devices, children cannot bypass the parental control on Google settings nor delete the app. Upon the first launch, you are required to set a PIN: without that, it will be impossible to exit or delete the app

Kids Place Parental Controls App On Play Store

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