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In this series, we are going to look at an application that helps us to create more and more special features in the WhatsApp application that we use.

This Auto Reply application can be matched to be responsive automatically. At the same time, the sleeping option can be given. Below are the details of this Auto Reply application that can do all this efficiently.

It is recommended to download and use the Auto-Reply App. You can share your talented ideas in the comment box and we will reply to them as soon as possible.

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About Of WhatsAuto – Reply App

Simple Turn On: Turn on auto-reply with a single touch, no need to set up complicated requirements.

Contact Matters: Always choose to whom you want to send an auto-reply.

Support Groups: We support groups, WhatsAuto can send an auto-reply to any groups in your messaging app.

Support All Messengers: We support all popular social messaging apps. With this one app, you can be able to send an auto-reply to any social messaging apps.

WhatsAuto Reply App Play Store

More Options On WhatsAuto – Reply App

Build Your Bot: Create your own chatbot more easily than any other apps in the world. No more technical skills are required to build your bot.

Backup: Backup your bot messages to your phone storage or Google Drive storage, you can restore them whenever you want.

WhatsAuto Reply App Play Store

Smart Reply: Customise the reply time. You can set WhatsAuto to send auto-reply continuously or to send after some time delay or to send only once.

Schedule: Schedule your time to turn WhatsAuto On and Off automatically to send an auto-reply to your incoming messages. This feature is useful when you’re out of business hours.

Driving Mode: AI-powered tool to detect when you’re driving and takes care of all your incoming messages by letting them know you’re driving. Avoid accidents & have hassle-free driving.

WhatsAuto Reply App Play Store

Nowadays Top Review:

Nick Swann: Does just what I hoped it would do. Sends an auto-response (which you can create) to anyone who messages you. It doesn’t work with Google messages, but I got around this by making FB Messenger the default app for receiving SMS messages instead, and voila! All SMS messages, along with FB messages and those from WhatsApp now receive my auto-response when turned on. Vert is simple to use and has a nice, clean user interface. Very happy!

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