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Is there a lack of features in your WhatsApp application? Do you want to get more options in it? This website article is to help you.

Today we are going to look at one of the best Tools for the WhatsApp applications. With this application, you can use many amazing options in your WhatsApp.

We have clearly given you the complete information about this in this web article, read this carefully and enjoy all the benefits it contains.

Below you will find the link to download this Tools for WhatsApp application. Also, read carefully this article we have designed for you to use this Tools for WhatsApp application

About Of Tools for WhatsApp Application

Tools for WhatsApp are here and we have got a few amazing tools to offer you, Share 10+ is created in order to share over more than 10 images a time by WhatsApp.

Want to share the 1932 images you took at the beach or during your trip? Now you can! And it’s that easy!

You can share up to 100 images in less than a minute!, Disable Calls is created for people who don’t want to use WhatsApp calls.

Tools for WhatsApp

More Details Of Tools for WhatsApp

With only one click you can disable or enable this function whenever you want! With one simple settings screen, you can decide what will happen whenever you have a WhatsApp call.

When you create a WhatsApp call, in other words, when you click on the ‘call’ function – what in most cases happens by mistake – this application will disable it immediately or, start a normal call instead of that WhatsApp call (you didn’t intend to make).

When you get a WhatsApp call, the application will disable it, or turn it into a normal call immediately. Better conversation quotes – make your quotes look better!

Tools for WhatsApp
  • No more sending twice the same image!
  • No more complications!
  • No more confusion!
  • Smart auto-merge messages!
  • Delete unnecessary messages with only one click!
  • Rename contacts!
  • Quick share to WhatsApp!
Tools for WhatsApp

Nowadays Top Review:

Handel Johnson: Very, very, very disappointing. Paid for Pro. The app stopped working long ago and I removed it. Having seen a recent review that it’s working again, I reinstalled it. It’s absolutely not working! Calls are coming through. Can you expeditiously fix the problem, please?

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