Change to Unique 🔔 Notification Design [EDGE MASK]

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In the past, we used to get information through postmen, but nowadays we get information through internet applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram.

When we have this information, what would it be like if some notification turned out to be a very special feature, instead of the notifications that appear like that on our mobile?

We are going to look at such a beautiful Change to Unique Notification Design. This application will give you the best information in the text message coming to your mobile.

It will be amazingly beautiful for the viewers to come and see clearly for more information on how to download and use this Change to Unique Notification Design application.

About Of App Change to unique notification design

I’ll change the design of the old notification. change to a unique notification design.

Change to unique notification design app

Some Unique Feature

  1. Notification receive effect
  2. Message pop-up design customize

Mask effect: Samsung rounded corners
types of Notification receive effects: Punch hole lighting, Edge lighting, Edge lighting wave.

More Info and App Download

7 types of Message pop-up design customize: Ripple, Card, BIg icon, Book mark, Samsung, Apple, Super slim

The effect when the screen is turned on: Hello lighting, always-on display support (AOD)

Please send us your comments: Tell me about the notification pop-up design and the notification reception effect. If so, it will update soon.

Change to unique notification design

Nowadays Top Review:

Josapton: I really like the app, but I still don’t understand your explanation on how to solve double notifications, could you please provide a detailed full tutorial on how to solve double notifications/heads up system notifications. You can add the tutorial to the application or on the website.

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