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You must be changing your profile picture and you have to crop your picture. You lose some best part of the picture. This app allows you to set a profile picture without cropping any part of your picture.

This app will automatically adjust the picture size to be the maximum allowed without losing any part of it, avoiding cropped pictures.

You can easily choose any picture from your phone gallery or take a picture with your phone camera.

Whatsapp full dp


  1. – Change profile picture without cropping.
  2. – Adjust your picture size.
  3. – Rotate your picture and adjust it.
  4. – Select a picture from the phone Gallery.
  5. – Take a picture from Device Camera.
  6. – Choose and put any picture in your profile picture circle.
  7. – Take a picture and directly send it to the profile picture.

What is it Cropping DP

  • ☞ Small APK Size.
  • ☞ Free App without In any issue
  • ☞ No Extra Permission required
  • ☞ Smooth & Clean UI
Whatsapp dp

Nowadays Top Review:

Ashmita Patel: This app is working excellent for me. It has features that set the full size DP quickly and without losing image quality. It’s amazing

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