Edge Card Launcher: Side Panel

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Offered ByReactiv Studio
More Info153 Neftchilar ave., Baku 1010, Azerbaijan
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  • Open your favourite apps, contacts, actions & settings from anywhere easy & fast!
  • Access your favourite apps, contacts and settings from anywhere easy & fast!

Edge Card Launcher is an overlay launcher with a beautiful Material design and pleasing animations that is available from anywhere with one swipe. Using your device one-handed has never been easier!

Tons of functionality

  • Adjust volume for music or active phone call
  • Add app and contact shortcuts
  • Control media players (play/pause, next/previous)
  • Turn on/off the built-in flashlight
  • Open notifications shade
  • Switch media output to speakers or Bluetooth
  • Open your default voice assistant

You can open the launcher from any screen – just swipe on the edge of the screen (pull & release). You can also double-tap the edge of the screen to open the launcher.

  • Edge Card Launcher needs one core permission to draw app overlays, and the following optional permissions for full functionality:
  • Modify settings: So you can adjust the volume or auto-rotate the device screen;
  • Camera permissions: So you can turn on and off the flashlight (torch mode);
  • Read contacts: So you can add your favourite contacts for easy access;
  • Bluetooth: So you can control Bluetooth device volume.

Nowadays What’s new


• FIXED: App crashing when trying to auto-start with phone restart
• UPDATE: Some minor visual updates to the volume slider.


• NEW: Edge Service now auto-starts on a phone restart.
• FIXED: Launch area was jumping around and/or disappearing.
• TIP: If the launcher disappears for no reason, make sure to turn off battery optimization in system settings for Edge Card Launcher.

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